The Via Francigena north of Siena and Volterra

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The Via Francigena north of Siena and Volterra

a Walking tour from Siena to Volterra (7d/6n)

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  Self Guided

  Level:    Easy
  Tour Category:    self guided walking tours
  Area:    Tuscany
Hilltop fortified towns, Etruscan ruins, medieval boroughs, vines, olive gardens, are the scenes of our tour. You will explore the wonderful countryside of this part of Tuscany starting from the superb Siena, the medieval Pompeii. From  the Medieval walled citadel of Monteriggioni to Colle di Val d’Elsa town of the Crystals. This walking adventure follows the footsteps of the Medieval pilgrims of the Via Francigena heading to the towered town of S. Gimignano also famous for its gentle vineyards of Vernaccia to end to the stunning  Etruscan and Medieval Volterra.

Day 1: BENVENUTI! Arrival to Siena, explore the old town (3km)
 The our representative will meet you in Siena  he will introduce to your walking tour providing you with maps and route notes
Walk Details: level: EASY- 3 km exploratory walk in the main roads and narrow alleys of the town.
About the town: Siena: the best preserved medieval city in Europe, a true masterpiece of art and architecture with its gothic duomo, the museums and famous buildings and the shell shape  square “Il Campo” the scene of the holy (because dedicated to the Virgin), and mad horserace “The Palio”
Special  Event of the day : a walk in the Banchi di Sopra at 7 o’clock.
-Special Event of the day: getting lost in the narrow alleys of Siena”  
Day 2: Siena transfer to S. Colomba walk to Strove
Highlights of the day:  the beautiful wood of the Montagnola Senese, reign of wildboars.
Walk details: level: MODERATE – 12 km  (paths,double tracks & gravel rds) rolling with some steep hills
Day 3: Strove- Monteriggioni – Strove
Highlights of the day:  Views of tuscan towns and countryside, the evergreen oak wood of the Montagnola Senese,  the stunning medieval citadel of Monteriggioni
Walk details: level: EASY-MODERATE – 14 km  (paths,double tracks & gravel rds)
About the area:Strove: small medieval tuscan village Monteriggioni: Medieval hilltop village with its very well preserved crown of city walls and watchtowers
- Special Event of the day: a pic nic admiring the view of Monteriggioni
Day 4: Strove – Colle di Val d’Elsa
Highlights of the day:  Views of tuscan towns and countryside.
Walk details: level: EASY-MODERATE – 10 km  (paths,double tracks & gravel rds)
About the area:Colle Val d’Elsa: a medieval market town. Today Colle is famous for its crystals (a medieval tradition). There is also an interesting Etruscan Museum
- Special Event of the day: a walk in Colle Alta the oldest and higher part of the town
Day 5: Colle di Val d’Elsa – S.Gimignano
Highlights of the day:  Views of tuscan towns and countryside ,today your path will enter the medieval  Pilgrim way to Rome “ Via Francigena”  still today a popular pilgrimage route as the “ Camino di Santiago”
Walk details: level: EASY - MODERATE – 14 km (paths,double tracks & gravel rds)
About the town: S.Gimignano: the town lies on the site of an Etruscan settlement dated 3rd century B.C.. It developed during the Middle Ages thanks to the pilgrimage route, the Via Francigena,  which runs through the town. Of the original 72 medieval towers only 14 remain to witness the great power and richness of the past.
Day 6: S.Gimignano – Sensano with transfer to Volterra, Volterra walk
Highlights of the day: you will admire beautiful views of the countryside and the Vernaccia vineyards then you  will pass near the ruins of a medieval Castle and will cross a cool ever-green oak wood.
Walk details: level: EASY - MODERATE – 14 km (double tracks & gravel rds) rolling hills+ easy town walk (3km)
About the town:  Volterra: surrounded by two defensive walls one Etruscan the other medieval it is one of the most important centres of Tuscany for its monuments that testify to 3000 years of civilization and its traditional alabaster craftmanship.
Day 7: Ciao Ciao!
End of tour after breakfast. From Volterra bus connections with Cecina. From Cecina train station you can reach Pisa,  Florence and Rome.
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